Why Catholics Are Reluctant To Share Their Faith … And What To Do About It


First of all, it’s the closest I’ve seen to the book I’ve always wanted to write and never found the time to do. The title of the book is Web of faith: the answers of a curious Catholic to theological questions, and brilliantly brings together the two things I see grassroots Catholics crave: answers to tons of questions from all areas of Catholicism and a book written so concise that the answers can be read in time. need to clean the family table for dessert.

The authors, Fr. John Trigilio and Fr. Ken Brighenti, are the host of EWTN’s Web of Faith, and the book is the result of their years of experience explaining faith in a way that can be non only understood, but shared with others. So, in the book, they decided to compile a comprehensive list of the best questions ever asked, answering each with intellectual weight, spiritual acuity, and charity.

In the introduction, Bishop Ronald W. Gainer, Bishop of Harrisburg, tells the story of a lively question-and-answer period following an evangelism conference where the presenter was asked, “Why are we Catholics so reluctant to tell others about our faith? ”

“His response,” wrote the bishop, “caught me off guard. He said, “Most often we are afraid of the second question.” “

There are indeed good Catholic books of questions and answers, but this one, in my opinion, is the best for dealing not only with tradition but also with contemporary challenges to our faith. As Bishop Gainer writes, “The book you are holding is an excellent resource to help allay any fear of the second, third or fourth question.”

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