The triad of radical ideas behind the crusade against racism


Reverend Steven R. Jungkeit, a white minister in the small town of Lyme-Old Lyme, all white (99.8% non-black) in Connecticut (10,000 people) claims to collaborate with the local school system “to teach the history of racism and slavery in the region” as part of a social justice project launched by his church last summer. Another part concerns the liability of the police.

Certainly the nation was seized with issues of racism, social justice and policing, if such a project was launched in this ineligible location, with a population of only around 25 blacks.

Ian Neviaser, the principal of the school, categorically rejected the minister’s claim: “We have no connection with the minister.”

Yet at school elsewhere – school personnel in Washington state, mathematics in California and history and civic education in all the countries, if the The Biden administration has its way – a triad of radical ideas sets in: this critical theory of races (CRT) is the central version of American history; that America today is systemically racist; and that the police kill unarmed blacks indiscriminately.

Facts and common sense demystify this radical triad. The murder of George Floyd established the notion of racist police killings, and subsequently a constant stream of high-profile incidents of police officers killing blacks seemed to confirm this. But wait. No white man has been killed by the police in the past year? Of course they were. Yet where were the national media reports?

Coleman Hughes, a young black man, wrote for a college newspaper just weeks after Floyd’s death, “For every black man killed by the police, there is at least one white man (usually several) killed in the same way. In 2016, a Dallas cop put his knee on Tony Timpa’s neck, tackling him in the street for 13 minutes and killing him. Timpa was white. The very day before Louisville Police broke into Breanna Taylor’s home and killed her, Maryland Police raided Duncan Lemp’s apartment and shot him dead. Lemp was white.

Sensational and highly selective media coverage distorted reality.

Indeed, sensational reports from the left New York Times popularized CRT. In August 2019, The Times devoted an entire 100-page Sunday Magazine edition to its 1619 project. According to Wikipedia, “The project was considered on the condition that almost all contributions would come from African-American contributors.”

When only blacks interpret, a biased interpretation by blacks is likely, if not inevitable. It is only human to interpret the world from the point of view of its identity.

Slavery and racism are not the central theme of our nation’s history – and neither is it the central theme today.

To say so is to ignore, for example, immigration. Our nation has attracted mass immigration, inspired by America’s unprecedented and unparalleled offer of freedom, opportunity, and refuge from gravely troubled home countries.

Moreover, 1619 does not tell us anything new. For decades, school children have learned about slavery, civil war, KKK, lynching of blacks, Jim Crow, the Tuskegee experience, redlining in housing, associated poverty, etc. but nothing inconsistent with the story because the schoolchildren have already learned it.

The CRT, 1619 and the murder of George Floyd combined to advance the idea that America is “systemically racist.” Yes, blacks are poorer than whites, with all the associated challenges. but black poverty does not ipso facto mean that present day society and white Americans are racist. White ancestors were racists and their racism had lasting consequences; however, to label today’s whites as racists is literally to visit children, the sins of parents.

It is particularly inappropriate for schoolchildren. They are innocent in all respects.

Most white Americans support the plight of blacks. The manifestations of racism listed above have ended. In addition, most whites want to remedy the legacy effects of racism. Poverty reduction programs have been launched. Positive action has been taken, even if it constitutes reverse racism. Such efforts may have been ineffective, but their failure does not discredit the charitable impulse involved. The nation elected a black president and a vice president.

Nevertheless, despite the end of overt racism and the good faith of these compensatory programs, racist obsessives want to support their accusation of racism. Thus, they brought up the notion of unconscious or implicit white bias. Of course, you can’t change your own subconscious. Logically, then, an outside authority and force must do it. Thus, an anti-racist training for whites, to which some may decide to submit voluntarily. However, when undertaken on a mandatory basis by the government, it constitutes totalitarian indoctrination and mind control, a cure far worse than disease. Slavery and racism are not the central theme of American history. They are part of several important themes. America and Americans are not “systemically racist”. And cops don’t kill unarmed black people indiscriminately. The triad is wrong in every part and in combination.

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