The Satanic Chef’s Journey to the Kitchen with the Satanic Temple


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Chef Adam Ostrofsky conjures up devilish recipes and culinary events, which defend “outer” identities and fend off satanic plots of panic.


Instead of having a slogan like “Bam! “, The satanic leader– also known as Adam Ostrofsky – begins each episode of his online cooking show by burning The Holy Bible. Sometimes he tears off pages and throws them into the flames of his wok. If he’s feeling particularly evil, the Chief can cut up burnt worms with his The Satanic Temple membership card and sniff them in his nose.

Ostrofsky is the official cook of The satanic temple (TST), the federally recognized non-theistic religion founded by Lucien Grèves and Malcolm Jarry. Sporting long jet black hair and tattooed arms, the Satanic chef is known to conjure up demonic culinary events at TST’s headquarters in Salem, including a Devil’s Dinner with blindfolded rituals and themed cocktails. tarot.

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“I use the shock value when creating food to free us from religious indoctrination,” Ostrofsky explains. However, satanic cooking is more than just microwave bibles (which he does on a TST TV episode, before teaching viewers how to make charred broccolini). As a leader and Satanist, Ostrofsky has dedicated his life to asserting those who do not live up to conventional norms and to championing social causes in a spirit of benevolence.

The path of satanism and cooking

Ostrofsky’s road to becoming the Satanic Leader began in Needham, Massachusetts, where his classmates called him unsuitable due to his learning disabilities. “The kids in junior high would beat me insanely every day for a while,” he recalls.

To escape such ostracism, Ostrofsky turned to books and pop culture. He was drawn to subjects considered to be forbidden fruits of mainstream society, including tales of the devil and the paranormal. He quotes Anton LaVey The Satanic Bible and Herman Hesse Siddhartha among the most influential works for him, saying, “I found Siddhartha’s journey of individuality to be reminiscent of Satanism – that you should be yourself and not a conformist.”

Inspired by his mother, who is a trained cook, Ostrofsky began creating his own recipes at the age of 12. Teenage cooking jobs led him to an internship at Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger, which he said changed his life. He then graduated from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and cooked at several prestigious establishments, including Tavern Road in Boston.

Reading by Anthony Bourdain Confidential Kitchen was a watershed moment for the young chef, as Ostrofsky associated with the concept of cooks as punk rock outsiders who banded together. “For me, Bourdain portrays the idea of ​​Satan in John Milton lost paradise. In the restaurant business, we are treated like rebels, much like Lucifer in fiction. With these formative experiences, his two life passions naturally merged under the nickname The Satanic Chef.

Tea party for scholars of the satanic temple

The genesis of the satanic temple

In 2006, Ostrofsky made a friend on Myspace named Lucien Greaves. He came across a profile dedicated to The Church of the Doomsday Process– a religious group founded in 1966 that spoke about the balance between Luciferian and Christian ideals – and sent a message to Greaves, who was the page’s “best friend”. The two quickly connected thanks to their interest in Satanism, and when Ostrofsky returned to Boston, he gave his comrade his phone number. “Lucien called me within the first 30 minutes. I remember pulling out my little flip phone and answering. We met, we got drunk and the rest is history.

Six years later, Greaves became the co-founder and spokesperson for the Satanic Temple. Ostrofsky has been an integral part of the atheist organization since its inception, participating in TST’s ingenious campaigns defend the separation of Church and State. This includes advocating for the placement of a goat-headed Baphomet statue next to a Ten Commandments monument on the Arkansas Capitol grounds, to ensure equal representation of minority religions. TST also fights to protect reproductive rights, for example by claiming that their “satanic ritual abortions” exempt members from state laws that prevent access to safe termination of pregnancy.

“A lot of people think we are sacrificing babies and drinking their blood,” says Ostrofsky. “I have never met a Satanist like this.” Rather, The Satanic Chef’s personal mission synchronizes with TST’s nonviolent actions to protect marginalized groups and stand up to injustice.

Devilish dinners and Pizzagate

Popular activism of the Satanic Temple has gained growing support over the years, and they are now a tax-exempt church with over 300,000 members and dozens of congregations around the world. In 2016, TST opened an official headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts, in a former Victorian funeral home, and Ostrofsky began hosting its gastronomic events. He created menus around themes close and dear to Satanists, such as a snack for a scholarly debate on theocracy and moral panics. “I used local and seasonal ingredients and made little sandwiches,” he recalls.

In 2018, Ostrofsky hosted an elaborate party called “The Devil’s Dinner,” where he decorated TST’s media room with a long black table, crimson candelabra, and handmade business cards. In collaboration with the author and “weaver of spells” Shiva honey, he covered the eyes of the guests and invited them to taste the first course blindfolded. Ostrovsky served a multi-course dinner with symbolic dishes, including a blood-red “sacrificial beet hummus”. He paired each plate with wines and cocktails infused with herbal elixirs and incense. The evening ended with a ritual of destruction and a burlesque performance by Szandora LaVey.

Among The Satanic Chef’s most significant events are his “Pizzagate Pop-Ups,” a nod to a 2016 conspiracy theory that falsely accused a pizza place of harboring a child trafficking ring run by a “Satanic cabal of elites. “ Ostrofsky’s menu included flatbreads with “sacrificed lamb stew” and small plates like “Goetia’s spicy meatballs”. Its pop-ups have raised awareness of ongoing allegations of satanic panic which have no basis in reality, but which are wreaking havoc on the lives of those wrongly accused.

The work of a satanic leader is never finished

Although the pandemic has interrupted events in person, Ostrofsky continues to connect online with his fellow Mavericks. He is active on social media and hosts a popular online cooking show called The satanic leader at Satanic temple television. “We discuss the historical aspects of Satanism and the black art that I own, combined with the culinary technique,” ​​Ostrofsky explains. In each episode, he demonstrates step by step an original recipe, always with a hint of decadence, whether it is blood flowing from his lips or writings burned by flames. The chef also gives live cooking demonstrations on The virtual seat of the satanic temple. Guests from all over the world interact with him in real time, as he cooks dishes in his kitchen filled with pentagrams.

Devli_s dinners at TST Satanic Chef (17)
Devli_s dinners at TST Satanic Chef (16)

The satanic chef will soon release his long-awaited cookbook titled Black bows. “It contains over 40 shocking, responsive and entertaining recipes and stories,” he says. “This will not suit anyone who is disgusted with Satanism.” Ostrofsky is also writing a dissertation on his life before TST, which will delve into the themes of drug addiction and narcissistic abuse.

As The Satanic Temple continues to expand, its chef will continue to share his love of cooking and Satanism. Ostrofsky is determined to support the socially excluded and shed light on mental health issues, which he believes tend to be overlooked by the restaurant community. “The satanic temple gave me a purpose in life,” he says. “When I see people joining and participating, it gives me self-esteem. “

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