The best bridesmaid dresses that your friends will be eager to wear


If you want to lose friends and alienate people, ask them to be your bridesmaids. This is what you’ve been programmed to think after years of watching romantic comedies where hideous outfits are a must (27 dresses) and everyone seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown (Bachelor). But it doesn’t have to be like that.

In fact, choosing your bridesmaid dresses should be one of the fun parts of the wedding planning process (much less stressful than renting a room, booking a group, or choosing sofas). To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to bridesmaid dresses for 2021, whether you go for a mix-and-match vibe, where your friends can choose their own dresses based on a color scheme, or go the whole pork (fair enough if this is your third time reprogramming) with a black tie.

Where are the best places to get bridesmaid dresses?

There are a few brands that are worth favorite and that cater specifically to bridesmaid dresses. Custom-made good is the one you’ve probably seen on Instagram; Same NABBDNot another boring bridesmaid dress, which, as you would expect given its promising name, has everything from spaghetti strap dresses to strapless dresses that definitely tick the black tie box.

Then there are ready-to-wear brands that are known to have a brilliant offering of bridesmaids, like Ghost, Reformation, Self-Portrait, and Galvan. Ghost silk dresses are perfect if you want your bridesmaids to wear the same color but have the flexibility to choose their own shape, whether it’s a traditional cowl neck maxi dress or long sleeve and slightly shorter. Net-a-Porter doesn’t have a bridesmaid dress edition per se, but if you’ve got a color scheme or designer in mind, you can filter its 3,000 options to find something that might work. .

Rixo also recently launched a range dedicated to bridesmaids, which features some of its best-selling shapes in a lovely print, with a variety of colors on offer.

And then there is the main street. Whistles has always made some of the best wedding dresses at an affordable price, and has some tempting options for bridesmaids as well. ASOS is another winner when it comes to wide variety, while Monsoon has embroidered dresses that would suit a bohemian wedding party.

What are the best colors for bridesmaid dresses?

Figuring out the procession’s color scheme is half the battle. For a summer wedding, it’s always nice to incorporate bolder hues or prints, which look great on slip-on dresses in warmer weather, while winter weddings tend to suit more hues. dark or muted pastels. Custom-made good has great options if you are looking for floor-length maxi dresses with subtle flower prints, while The brand new collection from Rixo has four styles in four colourways, each adorned with its characteristic flora and fauna.

What are the best bridesmaid dresses for tall characters?

ASOS offers a wide range of bridesmaid dresses for curvy figures with ASOS Curve, one of its in-house collections, particularly worthy of attention. Monsoon’s dresses go all the way to UK 20, just like Needle & Thread. Coast, which currently has a nice range of tiered tulle dresses in its bridesmaids range, goes all the way to UK 26, just like Phase eight.

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Whistles, Sarah bridesmaid dress, £ 199

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Maids to Measure, Mathilda Crème Soda Print Dress, £ 150

3 of ten

Galvan, Phoebe strapless dress, £ 1,095

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Rixo, Valerie Halterneck midi dress, £ 295

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Needle & Thread, Tempest bodice dress, £ 260

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Monsoon, Kaitlyn Embroidered Maxi Dress, £ 170

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Self-portrait, Alyssa dress, £ 330

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Reform, butterfly dress, £ 285

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La Ligne, long crepe dress, £ 460

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