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Ambler, Pennsylvania, July 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / -When our country faces an increasingly deteriorating health epidemic New York Times Best-selling author, pediatric neuroendocrinologist and Front health Medical Advisor Doctor Robert lustig It closes the role of big food and conventional nutrition in perpetuating the chronic disease crisis.

AT Metabolism: processed foods, nutrition, charm and lies of modern medicine, Lustig explains the close relationships between nutrition, metabolic health, medicine, environment, and lifestyle, and encourages readers to change our foods and change the way we eat before it’s too late. .. Using his in-depth knowledge and indisputable clinical data to support his theory, Lustig used the eight underlying medical conditions of chronic disease, why we as a nation got so sick, and against it. Analyze what you can do.

According to a study published in Journal of Metabolic Syndrome and Associated Disorders7 in 8 Americans are metabolically unhealthy and have an increased risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other serious health problems. However, the traditional “eat less, exercise” nutritional rubric cannot cope with the underlying hormonal engine that underlies most conditions. Lustig argues that by focusing on consuming real (unprocessed) foods, you can ultimately win the fight against obesity, addiction, depression, and chronic disease. I go.

David Lambo, CEO and Founder of Simplex Health commented, “We created Simplex Health for the obstacles we have encountered on our personal journey to improve type 2 diabetes. Many doctors, of course, rely on their ability to keep up. a diet to produce positive results for their patients. I lose because the traditional “eat less, exercise more” model doesn’t recognize insulin resistance as a common thread running through most illnesses. He continues. “Simplex’s clinically proven treatments are counteracting traditional diets by studying the root cause of reversible chronic disease. Our work has helped doctors get good nutritional treatment. If you are sure it works better. and longer than drug intervention, he continues. “Alone.” “This book is a coal mining canary and shows the need for seismic change in medicine, as traditional functional medicine works together to heal our country.”

Dr Lustig commented: “As soon as David approached me about becoming a singlex medical consultant, I found it a natural fit. The Simplex Approach is a functional, medicine-based protocol that treats and treats the underlying cause. This is a tactical practice of my theory using. In addition to the symptoms of chronic illnesses, Simplex Health is a business I would have founded without David. “

Metabolical is available wherever books are sold.

About Simplex Santé

Simplex Health is a progressive, evidence-based clinical practice that can prevent and even reverse the world’s most devastating and chronic diseases, from type 2 diabetes to obesity, hypertension, women’s health issues and Cancer. Rethinking traditional medical models with a proven protocol. .. For more than five years, Simplex Health has been a trusted partner of healthcare systems, clinics, physicians and businesses, providing all patients with access to life-changing, insurance-funded treatments. Through an intuitive technology platform, patients connect with medically supervised nutritionists and health coaches to receive personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions tailored to their unique biochemistry. Plus, 24/7 access to the healthcare team gives patients the support, guidance and accountability they need for lasting behavior change. Reservations can be made directly to the location of your choice via telemedicine. A powerful remedy. A simple solution. Simplex health is an overhaul of medicine.

About the Author

Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL is Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics in the Department of Endocrinology, University of California, San Francisco.. He is the author of 130 peer-reviewed articles, 80 scientific chapters and journals, and dozens of public theses. His 2009 YouTube talk, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” had 12 million views. He is a past chair of the Obesity Working Group of the Japan Society for the Pediatric Endocrine Society, a member of the Endocrine Society Obesity Working Group, and a member of the Pediatric Devices for Obesity Committee of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. He is also the Scientific Director of the non-profit organization Eat REAL, which is dedicated to improving childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes by bringing real food to school. He has never received money from the food industry, so there is no conflict of interest.

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Simplex Health Consulting Physician Dr Robert Lustig Announces Metabolic | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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