Rubber chicken? No, Rubber Boa on Bitterroot Outdoor Journal


However, Bob Danley doesn’t often include reptiles in our weekly Bitterroot Outdoor journal …

As he was walking the Bass Creek Trail, a mature rubber boa was right there on the path. He quickly took a photo (see above), as the snake is usually not seen in the valley. The snake is typically less than 28 inches long, and its favorite foods include shrews, Bob says.

Birds demand our attention this week, with ten more species counted as 157 feathered species in Ravalli County so far, including our first sightings of Calliope and Rufus hummingbirds. So fill your hummingbird feeders with clear sugar water and be ready to see them early in the morning and at dusk, mostly.

Other returning birds include Lewis’s Woodpecker along streams, Yellow-rumped, Townsends, Orange-crowned and Nashville sparrows (pictured below). Bob also says to include a shallow water bowl with your backyard feeder. As he noted in his yard, birds love to splash (pictured below).

What about butterflies? Bob has photos (below) of silver-blue butterflies, which are found near lupine and western pine sprite wildflowers, which use conifer leaves for larval feeding. Mud puddles are great places to find butterflies in the hot sun.

As allergy sufferers know, wildflowers gang up on you. There are at least 30 species currently blooming and we have photos (below) of Glacier Lily and Showy Jacob’s Ladder. Others include the Tough Indian Brush, Arrow Leaf Balsamroot, and Wyeth’s Lupine. Get outside and enjoy the natural world all around, and listen to the Bitterroot Outdoor Journal at 12:40 KLYQ and Wednesdays around 7:45 am.

Nashville’s Warbler (Photo by Bob Danley)
Bob’s Red Crossbill in Bird Bath. (Photo by Bob Danley)
Silver blue butterfly. (Photo by Bob Danley)
Western Pine Elfin Butterfly. (Photo by Bob Danley)
Showy Jacob’s Ladder Wild Flower. (Photo by Bob Danley)
Lily Glacier. (Photo by Bob Danley)

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