Reformation relaunches its line of shoes to be greener than ever


Reformation is bringing back its line of shoes to be more aware than ever.

Known for its green efforts and trend-driven designs, Yael Aflalo-founded clothing brand DTC was a champion of less impactful production processes long before it was in fashion. “Being naked is the number one most sustainable option. We’re number two ”has been his mantra since its California design in 2009. But after venturing into the footwear category a decade later and realizing the challenges that come with designing a truly sustainable product. but avant-garde shoe, they decided to return to the drawing board to bring customers Ref Shoes 2.0.

“Despite material innovation in the sneaker space, the dress shoe category remains essentially static and shoes still account for between 18 and 25% of the fashion industry’s total carbon emissions,” says Kathleen Talbot, Director of sustainable development and vice-president of operations of Reformation at BAZAAR. “We have strived to make Ref Shoes 2.0 more sustainable throughout the supply chain, starting with deeper traceability of our leather and working exclusively with Gold and Silver rated Leather Working Group tanneries that use the best management. water, energy and chemicals. We also focused on reducing virgin plastic by 75% in this collection, replacing virgin plastic in key components with recycled or bio-based alternatives. ”

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Taking their efforts to the next level, the brand takes into account the life cycle of its latest shoe designs. To further encourage sustainable practices, Reformation has teamed up with Looptworks, a company that specializes in the reuse and recycling of discarded items into limited edition items. The first of its kind partnership resulted in a new “trade-in” program that allows customers to trade in their pickup once they have run out of a house in their closet.

In the spirit of transparency, the brand has also broken down the impact of each of the 15 designs offered to give shoppers a better understanding of the items they are purchasing. “On average, a pair of Ref Shoes emits 37% less carbon dioxide, uses 58% less water and results in 100% less waste compared to conventional shoes”, reads in particular on the landing page from the new shoe collection. .

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courtesy of Reformation

The items featured are all in line with current summer trends, providing shoppers with more conscious options when it comes to chic footwear. From ’90s-inspired silhouettes and strappy details that seem relevant to the era, the offering references some of the brand’s most coveted styles in the 2019 archives. “We want to continue to provide our customers with a way to dress in a more sustainable way from head to toe and we took inspiration from our forward-thinking and signature designs for this collection, ”says Talbot of the redesign.

All of the styles on offer come in sizes 5 to 11 and range between $ 98 and $ 278, making them an affordable investment. Shop select styles from the collection below.

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