Reform Active Dress Review: We’re in Love

golf and tennis players have been wearing dresses for decades. But when Outdoor Voices launched The Exercise Dress a few years ago, it sparked a resurgence of dresses and skorts in sportswear, with brands like Girlfriend Collective, Halara and Nike following suit. Reformation is the latest brand to release its version of an active dress, and it does not disappoint.

The Reformation Bella Ecomove Active Dress ($ 98) is hands down the cutest workout dress on the market. It features a deep v-neck, racerback, defined waist, and skort bottoms all made from a thick (but breathable) and supportive fabric. It is available in four colors: white, black, mineral (light blue) and navy. Coming soon: serenade, a beige-y blush. To give you all the details, another Well + Good staff member and I gave it a try.

“As a connoisseur of sportswear, I would say the Reformation dress is the perfect dress for those long walks that maybe end with an Aperol spritz to a bar, because it’s just the perfect look for both. “says Ella, Creative Development Director for Well + Good. Dove. “Friends were confused when I showed up for a walk wearing the dress. ‘Why are you dressed so cute, I thought we said workout clothes’ is, in fact, a direct quote.”

First of all, the size is precise. Using my measurements and the guide I figured I needed a large one and it would fit perfectly. Dove says the dress is true to her Reformation size. “I’m usually a 2 and the little one fits me perfectly,” she said. The Bella Ecomove Active dress is available in sizes XS to XL. Sizes 1X to 3X are available in Reformation’s Extended Size Shop under Bella Ecomove Active Dress Es.

Functionally, the dress works like most other active dresses. Underneath the dress is tied shorts in the same colored fabric. I like to have the shorts underneath to protect the thighs from irritation. However, since the shorts are quite short, they come up easily, which is honestly a problem that Dove and I have with all short spandex shorts. If they’re not near your knees, they’ll go up. “I can’t even blame the dress, you know,” Dove said.

The deep v-neck makes the dress look less like sportswear, but it also means it performs less well than sportswear. “When it comes to more serious fitness, I’d like to either a) wear something else or b) layer a sports bra under the dress,” says Dove. “When I leaned over my 32C’s came out pretty much right away.” I also had the same problem. But this dress is so pretty that I haven’t even the slightest intention of wearing it someday to the gym – the most action this dress is going to see in me is the long walks. Perhaps play tennis, if I ever pick up a racket instead of talking about it.

Bottom line, the Reformation active dress is all I need it to be. It’s perfect for a dinner in Manhattan, a hike in Los Angeles and anywhere in between.

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