Ivo Pilar Social Research Institute extends scientific cooperation to Sarajevo (BiH)


July 2, 2021 – By devoting itself to research and development in the field of social sciences, the Ivo Pilar Institute for Social Research is once again extending its scientific cooperation after Željko Holjevac’s visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Ivo Pilar Social Research Institute, active as always, continues to expand its cooperation on social issues to be explained scientifically (symbolically noted as 2021 mark 30 years of the Institute).

As reported on their official website, the director of the Institute dr. Željko Holjevac visited Sarajevo, the capital of neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, from June 21 to 23.

The main story of this visit was the signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement between the Ivo Pilar Social Research Institute and the Catholic Faculty of Sarajevo. The agreement was signed by Holjevac and the dean of the faculty dr. Darko Tomašević.

In addition, Holjevac was at the reception with the vice-bishop of Vrhbosanski, Vinko Puljić.

“They talked about possible joint projects that would be adapted to the tradition, culture and development needs of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” informed the Institute for Social Research Ivo Pilar.

Croatian Cultural Society Napredak (progress) also met with Holjevac. Napredak will soon be celebrating 120 years of work and was founded at the start of the 20th century when the famous Croatian sociologist Pilar was active in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Napredak is planning various events for their big anniversary, and dr. Holjevac discussed possible cooperation in organizing an international scientific symposium on the identity of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ivo Pilar Institute is working at full speed

This type of cooperation in research on the Croatian diaspora in the neighboring country where Croatia’s historical and present role is important is nothing new for the Ivo Pilar Institute for Social Research.

As TCN reported earlier in May, the Institute, together with scientific partners, organized a conference “Identity of Croats of Boka Kotorska”, and the three-day event brought together crucial scientific institutes in Croatia in the town of Tivat in the Bay of Croatian Saints in Montenegro.

Scientists at the Institute have also been active this year by participating in the European Conference for Social Work Research (ECSWR), the International Society of Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) Conference, and also presenting a book on the Croatian mountain rescue service in Gospić, or by presenting the book Cultural Identity of Vukovar – Contribution to the Investigation of Heritage and Successors “- to list some of the activities TCN reported on throughout 2021.

As 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Ivo Pilar Institute, besides the aforementioned actions (of which we can include the strengthening of relations with scientific colleagues in Slovakia or the opening of a new research office on the island of Vis ), several other goals were considered by the end. of the year: to publish the first edition of the critical translation of the book “South Slavic Question (Yugoslav)” by Ivo Pilar from 1918, and to produce and publish Pilar’s Kaleidoskop on Croatian society.

With the active academic dynamics demonstrated by the Institute, there is no doubt that the quality and capacity are sufficient to achieve these goals. It’s only a matter of time in such a busy and productive schedule.

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