Henri hit parts of the south coast harder than others


After all this hype, Tropical Storm Henri was more of a punch than a punch for most of the south coast, but results can vary depending on where you weathered the storm.

For some, Henry was just another in a long list of overrated storms that amounted to nothing at all. It’s hard not to be concerned about how seriously SouthCoast residents may or may not take warnings before the next real hurricane arrives. Those who remember Hurricane Bob 30 years ago know what I’m talking about.

Still, “we’re going to rebuild” memes abounded on Facebook. They are always good for a chuckle. A boy from Rochester starred in a hilarious homemade video, with props thrown by someone outside of the camera.

However, we have seen significant property damage from New Bedford to Newport in some of the photos submitted to us by the public.

The waves crashed with force against the retaining walls of Mattapoisett Harbor and Ocean Drive Newport, putting them to the test.

Fallen trees have been reported across the region. One of the reasons for the number of trees that fell for the relatively mild storm was that the ground was already so saturated with water. In what has been a historically rainy summer. the soil around the tree roots has already softened a bit.

Wherever you live on the South Coast, we hope the property damage you suffered was not too severe and caused no injuries.

If you would like to submit photos of Henri, you can leave them as a comment on the Fun 107 Facebook page or send them through the Fun 107 app.

Henri hits hard for parts of the south coast, sparing others

Depending on where you weathered the storm, Henri was either a bust or a mess. Here are some photos of the entire south coast that highlight the big differences.

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