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V presents a roundup of dresses in different styles for every occasion this summer.

V presents a roundup of dresses in different styles for every occasion this summer.

Here is a selection of summer dresses that will make you look and feel good in the summer heat.

Number one: Reform:

Known for its commitment to durable, fitted clothing, Reformation is a great place for all your summer dress cravings. From floral prints to classic colors, there is a dress for every occasion and every temperature.

The Adria Linen Dress has the perfect playful pattern for summer picnics and casual outings on the town.

Retail price: $ 278

    Source of images: Reform online stores.

The Bella Ecomove Active Dress is the perfect summer active dress for running errands, tennis matches, a quick run or a coffee date.

Retail price: $ 98

Number two: House of the Sun

House of Sunny balances bright colors and chic patterns with comfortable, fitted pieces that embody youth. House of Sunny is the place to find that sundress that stands out for casual or chic occasions.

    Image source: House of Sunny online stores.

The Hockney dress is perfect for that summer beach vacation you plan to take or for a drink with your friends. The funky bright green pattern is sure to make you the center of attention at every event this summer.

Retail price: £ 98.00 / ~ $ 135 USD

Number three: Orseund Iris

Orseund Iris has the chic, simple and sexy dresses perfect for fun summer outings or special occasions while keeping you classy.

    Image source: Orseund Iris online stores.

The Champagne Drawstring dress is light and silky and perfect for a night on the town or a chic dinner this summer.

Retail price: $ 795

Number four: Fendi

Fendi, known for their stylish designs, offers the perfect collection of fun patterns and versatile pieces to keep you cool and stylish during the summer.

    Image source: Fendi online stores.

This yellow silk dress, with light and detailed patterns, will be as light as air on your skin all summer; perfect for any dinner, event or even a casual outing.

Retail price: $ 2,950

Number five: Gucci

Gucci is known for its bold pieces and patterns. This summer, as the world reopens and event invitations pile up, make a statement with one of Gucci’s ready-to-wear dresses.

    Image source: Gucci online stores.

The floral-print silk and linen kaftan dress from Gucci’s ready-to-wear collection is the perfect dress for any summer outing. With the relaxed fit, this dress makes sure you don’t overheat and always look great.

Retail price: $ 2,100

Number six: Dior

The Dior dress collection is perfect for any summer cocktail party or any occasion where you need to make a professional impression.

    Image source: Dior online stores.

The Diorivieria Raspberry Pleated Mini Dress combines the colorful and playful side of summer style, while allowing you to maintain a sense of professionalism throughout.

Retail price: $ 4,700

Number seven: Rick Owens (via ssense)

Rick Owens accentuates the figure with a relaxed, fitted design, perfect for wearing anytime, anywhere, all summer long.

The gray Pandora dress is the perfect embodiment of hot, casual girls’ summer.

Retail price $ 304 (sale)

    Image source: ssense online stores.

The SSENSE Exclusive Black Tank Dress from Rick Owens is the perfect dress to slip on as a blanket or wear to a night out this summer; keep you well dressed, well read and classy.

Retail price: $ 274 (on sale)

Number eight: Prada

Prada is a suitable brand for all ages. Prada’s ready-to-wear dresses harness youth and balance with an airy look, making them perfect for all essential summer outings.

    Image source: Prada online stores.

Prada’s jersey dress is another perfect summer picnic dress, perfect for making everyone’s fantasies come true this summer.

Retail price: $ 2,120

Number nine: LoveShackFancy

LoveShackFancy has the perfect dresses for your Hampton summer getaway, beach getaway, picnics, or cottage fantasies.

    Image source: LoveShackFancy online stores.

LoveShackFancy’s weston silk maxi dress is light, breathable, fun and alluring, perfect for daytime and for running all summer long.

Retail price: $ 875

Number ten: Rat and Boa

Rat & Boa has a plethora of fun and sexy summer dresses perfect for a night out on the town, happy hour with your friends, fancy dinner or looking sexy by the pool.

    Image source: Rat & Boa online stores.

Slip-on dresses are a versatile summer wardrobe necessity. The Vaeda dress by Rat & Boa is the perfect slip-on dress for summer.

Retail price: $ 195

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