Contribution of Islam to the world


You may be aware that the modern era is seen as an era of enlightenment, reform, and invention.

Have you ever thought about why Muslims are considered backward in the world today or have you ever thought about the reasons Muslim nations are suffering and suffocating everywhere. You may be well aware that the modern era is seen as an era of enlightenment, reform, and invention. All nations strive to prove their worth in all fields whether in technology or any other field but the Muslim Ummah which was once the torchbearer of knowledge and exploration is sadly at drags it in spite of its abundant resources in men and material. The younger generation of the Ummah is unaware of its glorious past and legacy which has been negatively affected by this scenario.

It is obvious that Islam has contributed a lot to the world. He kept alive the higher intellectual life and the study of science at a time when the whole world, including the West, was reeling from abject darkness. Science and technology flourished under the patronage of Islam. In 1285 Baghdad was a world center of knowledge which was later destroyed by the Tatars, the centuries-old research work carried out by Muslim scientists. It is said that only one in 1000 books has survived and the libraries have been destroyed once and for all. It was a Muslim geologist who discovered fossils (the remaining part of plants and animals). Al Masudi described earthquakes in his book The Meadows of God. a great Kitabul Ahjar book was written by Ibne Sena solely on geology in Europe for centuries. After Muslims worked on BOTANY, in the 18th century, Muslim botanists developed more than 830 varieties of tulips. Abu Ubaidah was the first Muslim zoologist who wrote over 100 books on zoology, 51 on horses alone. Despite this, Hajiz Basr wrote Kitabul Haiwan who discussed 350 animals alone. In physics, Kamalu Din was the one who observed the path of rays inside a glass sphere in order to examine the refraction of sunlight in raindrops.

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