The process of applying at Good Credit can be said to be very quick. Just by downloading the Good Credit app on the playstore and entering your personal data and the documents you need, you can make your online money lending process with a fast, 24-hour verification process.

Through Good Credit, online cash loans can be easily obtained without any guarantee. All you need to do is enter your personal data and other required documents such as a government ID and ID. In order for your liquidity loan to be applied online faster and more likely to be liquidated, you will need to complete other documents such as pay slips, job descriptions, family cards and other documents that will make your filing process easier.

Loan Product Options

Loan Product Options

In addition to the fast and easy process, Good Credit also has a wide range of online money lending products that you can choose from. For the type of product you can see through the link below. To get a loan

Good Credit gave loans ranging from $ 500 to USD 20 million. In addition, Good Credit also offers a flexible tenor of up to 6 months.

Prioritizing the Quality, Service and Security of Customer Data

While speed is important, Good Credit does not mean that the quality of our products and services is neglected. Providing the best for all our customers has always been a priority for Good Credit. Good Credit will handle customer complaints and inquiries 7 days a week via telephone, live chat and e-mail via cs @ Good Credit.

The security of customer data is also guaranteed if you apply for an online money loan at Good Credit. You need not worry that your personal data will be shared, as Good Credit provides responsible loans to all customers. Good Credit follows Indonesia’s existing lending regulations and guarantees all personal data submitted. Good Credit will not share customer information with any party without the consent of both parties.

If you would like to apply for an online money loan

If you would like to apply for an online money loan

First make sure that the online KPA is registered with the Financial Services Authority or the OJK. Good Credit himself operates in Indonesia under the POJK / 77 legislation on peer-to-peer lending.

Good Credit is also actively involved in supporting OJK activities and independently undertaking activities to improve financial literacy in Indonesia, Good Credit hopes to make the #melekfintech community more aware of the benefits and conditions to be aware of. in the use of fintech financial services.

Gebyar Greetings The Good Credit Presentation or shortened by GEMPITA, is a form of appreciation from Good Credit to all customers who have applied for online money lending at Good Credit. For their own prizes, they range from shopping vouchers to 100 winners, smartphones for 11 winners to one motorcycle unit as a grand prize for 1 winner. To date, Good Credit has held GEMPITA for 3 voting periods each month.

How to Make a Money Online Loan at Good Credit

How to Make a Money Online Loan at Good Credit

  1. Download the Good Credit app

To date, the new Good Credit is available to android users. So, the first step you need to do is to download the Good Credit app on the playstore.

  1. Fill in the Personal Data

After downloading the Good Credit app on your smartphone , you need to enter the personal data and information you need into the application. This stage is quite simple and clear, as Good Credit provides an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use app view.

  1. Verification process

After completing the personal data and information you need, all you have to do is wait for the verification process. This process takes only a few hours and you will receive a text or e-mail notification about whether your online money lending application is approved.

  1. Liquid Funds to Accounts

If your online money loan is approved, the money will melt into your account.

Terms of Application

  1. Citizens of Indonesia
  2. Has a national ID and ID
  3. Have a local bank account on your personal behalf
  4. Lives or lives in an affordable area by Good Credit. For a list of cities can be found here (link to Good Credit expansion list article).

Well guys, here’s a review of Good Credit, a trusted online money lender in Indonesia. Good Credit can be the solution to your financial needs. Only using a smartphone , you can do the submission. Good Credit online loan installment payment can be flexible either by installing it or by paying for your needs.

In addition, Good Credit’s credit score method is also accurate so you can enjoy a cashless loan with a reasonably priced installment loan. Plus, you have the opportunity to win exciting prizes ranging from shopping vouchers, smartphones and motorcycles.