Online loans have indeed become one of the solutions for you who need funds quickly. However, you must be careful not to get caught up in online loan fraud.

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated times, many parties including online financial institutions or known as financial technology provide loan funds in a very simple way so that it is easily done by the customers.

Unfortunately, this is often misused by certain parties who are not responsible for using online loan fraud mode .

The reason is, there have been many cases in the name of money lending institutions which then took away customers’ money.

Therefore, it is important that you know what are the characteristics of online loan fraud so that you don’t get stuck which will make you bankrupt.

Tend to force


When you want to apply for a loan online, generally you will contact the lender, aka the creditor.

Prospective customers will usually ask for products owned by lenders. Well, you really need to be aware of the behavior of creditors. How to

Usually, they will not explain in detail the loan product they have, but instead, it seems to force you to become a debtor or borrower.

Using informal email

Another feature of online fraud, usually when following up the creditor will contact you by telephone and also an official company email.

But if the creditor is lying, they will send an unofficial e-mail alias using your personal e-mail. For example, [email protected] not [email protected]

Terms are too easy

Terms are too easy

Fast online loans are indeed much sought by people who are in urgent need of money. But one of the conditions to get it, you must have a clean debt history.

If your history is bad, aka having a lot of debt, your loan will be refused. Because the official creditors will check the debt history by accessing the Debtor Information System (SID) or through checking.

But this does not apply to creditors who have the intention to cheat. They generally will lure will ignore your debt history.

Ask for an advance

Creditors who want to cheat will usually ask for some funds as the main condition so that your loan funds can be disbursed quickly. The reason is still very classic, which is to facilitate the administrative process.

When applying for an online loan, there are administrative costs but only a stamp duty, not asking for money.

So, if there are creditors who ask for funds up to hundreds of thousands, especially millions of rupiah, it is certain they intend to commit fraud.

Even though there are many who ask questions, why do people want to borrow money? Well, most people who apply for fast money loans are in a state of urgency or indeed are in need of funds in quite large amounts immediately.

Request a PIN and Password


Another feature of online loan fraud is when the creditor asks for your banking pin or password with the reason for the completeness of the debtor’s funds.

When applying for an online loan, you will indeed be asked to fill in your personal data, including your number, but not a personal pin or password.

That’s the five characteristics of online loan fraud that you need to consider. Instead of biting your fingers for being fooled, aka money is taken away, it’s better to do an online loan at a trusted financial institution!