We hold an annual conference in July. The Annual General Meeting also takes place during these days. Our 2018 conference will take place 23–25 July 2018 at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge.



20th July 2015


The Catholic Record Society’s 2017 conference was held at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, 24–26 July. Our keynote speakers were Jan MachielsenMaría Jesús Pérez Jáuregui, and Alexander Lock. The programme included another exciting mix of all time periods and even geographies, and speakers from all rungs of the career ladder.



The Catholic Record Society’s 2016 conference was held at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, 25-27 July. Our keynote speakers were Alison Shell (UCL), Mary Heimann (Cardiff), and Alban Hood (Douai Abbey). The programme was a testament to the exciting directions research on Catholics in Britain and Ireland is currently taking. This storify collections all tweets of the papers.



Our 2015 conference took place at Downing College, Cambridge, from 20-22 July, for which the conference programme is here. This storify collects all tweets of the papers.