The Andrew C. Duncan Catholic History Trust

This is an independent charity which shares the objectives of the CRS and with which it has close administrative links. It provides bursaries for students, normally registered in foreign universities, wishing to come to England for a short time to study recusant history.

The Trust was founded in 1985 by the late Captain Andrew Duncan, OBE, RN, to provide bursaries to assist students from outside the United Kingdom wishing to visit Britain to study aspects of the history of the Roman Catholic community in Great Britain since the Reformation. The trustees, drawn from a wide range of backgrounds – academic, diplomatic, financial and religious – include at least one member of the Council of the Catholic Record Society.

Applicants for awards from the Trust are normally registered in universities outside the UK. In certain circumstances, bursaries may also be available for UK-based students wishing to consult relevant continental European archives, particularly those in Rome. Applicants, who need not be Catholics, should normally be advanced in their studies. Their proposed field of study should be directly related to post-Reformation Catholic history, normally covering the period up to the passing of the Catholic Emancipation in 1829. Projects with timeframes extending to the end of the 19th century may be eligible for consideration. All applicants should have an adequate knowledge of English. Past students include:

  • A postgraduate from France studying Thomas More and the Tudor period.
  • Doctoral students from Spain working on theses on Cardinal William Allen (1532-1594) and Anatole von Hugel (1854-1928).
  • A Slovenian graduate doing 15th-century studies who was the first in his country to write on English Catholics.
  • A Polish schoolteacher teaching Tudor and European history.
  • A postgraduate from China studying the work of John Dryden (1631-1700).
  • A postgraduate from Russia studying aspects of Elizabethan recusancy.

Assistance from the Trust has also been extended to students from Romania, Germany and Italy.

The sum awarded by the Trust varies in accordance with the programme that the student wishes to follow. Awards, normally in the region of £500, are intended to assist in the cost of a short stay in the UK, rather than to cover all expenses.

An application form (available in PDF format), together with a photograph of the candidate and a letter of reference from an academic supervisor or other person able to comment on your research, should be sent to the Administrator of the Trust:

Dr Katy Gibbons
SSHLS, University of Portsmouth

Please download the application form.